Here is a summary of what will be happening during the event:

  • Each paper is presented as a set of 8 – 12 tweets, prepared by the authors and sent to the host in advance.
  • The tweets will be shared from the conference account, @ELPUB_conf.
  • All tweets will be shared by the host in the time which is scheduled in the programme.
  • Make sure to adjust your time zone – the programme Is arranged according to the BST time zone – this is the time zone of London and Dublin.
  • The keynotes are pre-recorded and the links to them will be shared on Twitter.
  • The presenters will be online and available to answer any questions and engage with comments. They can also share more content using their personal Twitter accounts.

Time on 21.04.20

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Session 1. Global Perspectives on the Past and Future of Publishing and Digital Scholarship

7.25 BST


Welcome: Milena Dobreva and Jadranka Stojanovski


7.30 BST


KEYNOTE: Paul Uhlmann (Australia)

Artists’ Books as Material Objects of Resistance
in The Digital Age


8.30 BST


Katie Wilson, Lucy Montgomery, Cameron Neylon, Richard Hosking, Chun-Kai (Karl) Huang, Anthony Kiuna, Richard Lamptey, Alkim Ozaygen and Susan Veldsman
(Australia, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa)

Open access and research dissemination in Africa


8.55 BST


Paul Arthur and Lydia Hearn (Australia)

Open Digital Scholarship in the Humanities: A Review of Needs, Barriers and Opportunities


9.20 BST


Alkim Ozaygen, Lucy Montgomery, Cameron Neylon, Richard Hosking, Chun-Kai Karl Huang and Katie Wilson (Australia)

How Can We Use Social Media Data Related to OA Monographs



9.45 BST



Session 2. Sustainable Futures

10.00 BST


KEYNOTE: Vanessa Proudman (SPARC Europe, UK)
Making open the default: Sustainability of Open Science infrastructures


11.00 BST


Manfredi La Manna (UK)
How to achieve short-term green open access and long-term radical reform of scholarly communication.  The BitViews Project as a test case.



11.25 BST


Milica Ševkušić, Biljana Kosanović and Pero Šipka (Serbia)
Serbian Citation Index: The sustainability of a business model based on partnership between a non-profit web publisher and journal owner


11.50 BST


Emmanuelle Chevry Pebayle and Hélène Hoblingre (France)

Personal data protection: are the GDPR objectives achieved amongst information and communication students?


12:15 BST


COFFEE BREAK: Open Edition and chat

Session 3. Digitisation and Datafication of Collections

12.30 BST


Zsuzsanna Varga (UK)

Rethinking the Digital Divide: New Developments in East Central Europe



12.55 BST


Ivan Kratchanov (Bulgaria)

Sustainable development of the practices of digitization in National Library “Ivan Vazov” – Plovdiv



13.20 BST


Marinela Covaci (Romania)

Publishing digital resources


13.45 BST


Tatiana Anikeeva and Ilya Zaytsev (Russia)

“Manuscripta Islamica Rossica” – a new electronic resource of Arabic, Persian and Turkic manuscripts from the collections of Russian repositories and libraries


14.10 BST


COFFEE BREAK: plans for the 25th edition in Croatia

Session 4. Rethinking the Basics

14.30 BST


Nebojsa Lujanovic (Croatia)

Whom we should blame for bad e-book? (sociological perspective of evaluation, selection and reception of e-book)



14.55 BST


Zdenko Jecić and Natasa Jermen (Croatia)

Towards a New Concept of Open Access Online Encyclopaedia: A Case Study from Croatia



15.20 BST


Tibor Koltay (Hungary)
Some non-technical issues of self-publishing


15.45 BST


Iva Melinščak Zlodi (Croatia)

Towards a typology of edited books and conference proceedings according to the applied peer-review procedures


16:10 BST


COFFEE BREAK: Digital scholarship in the lockdown time?

Session 5. Networks, Social Media, Semantics

16.30 BST


Marina Bantiou and Arsenios Paxinos (Greece)

The Role and Utilization of International Academic Social Networks in Digital Publishing



16.55 BST


Maha Alsarraj (Qatar)

The use of Twitter in promoting digital libraries: a case study of QDL



17.20 BST


Martina Petrinović (Croatia)

Scholar reaching the audience – a perspective of a civil society sector publisher in the humanities



17.45 BST


Owen Sacco, Georgios Yannakakis (Malta)
Towards Semantic Digital Games for Semantic Digital Libraries


18.10 BST


COFFEE BREAK: plans for the 25th edition in Croatia

18:30 BST


KEYNOTE: Alwaleed Alkhaja (Qatar) 
OA in an oasis (revisited): The Growth of Open Access in the Arab World


19.30 BST


COFFEE BREAK: plans for the 25th edition in Croatia

Session 6. The DO’s and DON’Ts of Digital Publishing

20.00 BST


Maíra Woloszyn, Berenice Santos Gonçalves and Rosângela Schwarz Rodrigues (Brazil)
Analysis of typography in papers from open access Brazilian scientific journal


20.25 BST


Andreiwid Sheffer Correa and Israel Fernandes (Brazil)

Open science-based framework to reveal open data publishing: an experience from using Common Crawl


20.50 BST



Reconstructing “Lost” Early Islamic Texts: the Earliest Versions of Ibn Isḥāq’s Sīrah







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